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We aim to create affordable, high quality, and quickly foldable bicycles that are both fun and functional...

Let's Fold In Love!

Foldable bicycles with smaller wheels are all about practical urban transportation, designed to fit your active lifestyle from commuting to running everyday errands. They can be equipped with optional cargo-carriers and fenders to let you ride comfortably and do more. Because they can be folded and rolled along with you, they can go almost everywhere you go...


Store your bike inside your apartment, keep it under your desk at work, or bring it onto the Metro. If you’re looking for a fun bike and a quicker way to move around in the city, check out one of our bikes today.

Beautiful and practicle...

With my foldable bicycle, my morning commute is no longer boring!

                      Jessica B.

My foldable bike is ready to go, folded away in my car's trunk... 

            Robert W.

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