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When faced with excitement of buying a new bicycle, although we may initially pay attention to things such as the price, shape and colors, perhaps the most important decision we have to make when choosing a bicycle is whether it is suitable for us and the environment where we plan to ride it. And that is usually determined by the type of bicycle it is and by its features and components such as the wheel diameter, tires, frame size, weight capacity and the seat height.

After leaving all those questions and options behind and finally getting to decide which bike to buy, if the gear ratios are appropriate, you will end up needing to choose between just one or two of the recommended bikes. That's is precisely why we have prepared this page because we think it can help you make the right choice at this critical and final stage...

So how do you make your decision when choosing one of these bikes, which is often very similar?
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Whichever bike shop you visit today, the majority of the bikes offered to you are manufactured in Asia, painted, labeled with various brands, equipped and assembled with similar gear systems, and then sold at retail. Our bicycles are also produced in a similar way.

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