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Our bicycles are a lot of fun to ride yet practical and dependable to fit in your busy lifestyles. They are designed to take you where you need to go in style! They are also built responsibly from materials that are easily recyclable when they are no longer in service. Aluminum is an infinitely recyclable resource and that is why we use it.

In order to deliver bicycles that can excel, our foldable type bicycles are built on GlideTech high performance foldable-geometry frames with quality components that can provide you with many years of service when cared for.

Information on some of the technologies* that are integrated into our foldable bicycles are listed below for you:

Before you buy a foldable bicycle, if you pay close attention, you will notice that many other brands use cheaper components or simpler hinge systems in their entry-level models, which are different from those used in their higher-end models.

All of our foldable bicycles use

high quality frame hinges.

So that whichever bike you choose,

you will always have a bike with high quality components and superior dynamics!

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Even if the bike frames are made out of lightweight aluminum alloy, when it comes to an important component such as the fork (along with the handlebar directs the bike and lets you the feel the road), unlike those used in high-end models, many other brands choose steel forks instead.

Most of our foldable bicycles are

equipped with Aluminum alloy forks.

Consequently, our bikes are not only

lighter than many of their rivals,

but also offer you a unique ride with superior dynamics!

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ULS (Ultimate Locking System)

Superior locking frame hinges come as standard equipment on all our foldable bicycles. Simply put, better the folding mechanism is, better the bike performs!

If you look closely and focus on the details of our foldable bikes, you can immediately see differences that make our bikes a bit more special. As a brand that focuses on your satisfaction, we take into consideration all your comments, suggestions, as well as, criticisms you share with us, then we go to work to develop our bikes at every opportunity. When releasing new models and equipment, we strive to improve our products and service quality to better our brand.

Our bikes have become a sought after choice among foldable bikes in a very short time with their high quality standard equipment, unique frame geometries and superior ride characteristics.

In addition to the standard product warranty we offer for our bicycles, we also provide after-sales and spare parts support. Our goal is to provide the best possible solutions and options at all times, in line with your suggestions!

We would like to thank all of you for your interest in our bicycles and for supporting our brand.

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